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Deployability skills training

Today’s competitive environment in corporate world expects their new employees to be productive from day one. Hence it is not sufficient to be having only employability skills alone for a defined career growth. We at E2 understand the need of the same at college level when students graduate to differentiate themselves from other students Our comprehensive Deployability skills development programs build these skills along with technical skills development programs.

We build the following skills over a period of 40-50 hours
  • How to choose a Right First Job
    ( RFJ)
  • communication skills
  • spoken English
  • Adult learning methodologies
  • Presentation skills
  • Listening
  • Business communication
  • social media skills
  • Personal branding
  • Resume building
  • Group discussions
  • Power of positive thinking
  • Confident Interview skills
  • First 90 days
  • Team player skills

Aptitude Skills training

The Aptitude tests are part of any job selection process for most of the companies. We are experts in training and coaching job-seekers to excel in these tests. This is a 50 hour training program which can be done at colleges or off-campus.