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Sales Management

This two day program will enable delegates to have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager's responsibilities and how to become more effective in their roles in this challenging competitive business environment of today. During the training program, delegates will explore key leadership skills as well as the essential sales management skills needed for them to effectively forecast and implement effective sales plans, motivate and evaluate performance of their people and provide the required direction and support ensuring measurable sales results from their sales teams.

Key take-aways from the program is:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager.
  • Learn skills to achieve better results through their teams using sales plans and targeting techniques.
  • Clearly understand how to prepare a sales forecast and a sales plan for their sales operation.
  • Properly observe, evaluate and give feedback to team members and set performance development objectives using assessment tools supplied and provided with in the training program.
  • Explore ways to motivate their sales teams and create a more motivating environment.
  • Explain Run more effective sales meetings and morning huddles to inspire and motivate and provide clear direction to their sales team members.
  • Designing a compensation plan.
  • Sales Recruiting.