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Professional selling skills

Getting up to speed quickly in today’s ever-changing Sales world is a must for ambitious sales professionals.

In a world where customers are empowered with online and social media information, the role of a sales professional has changed dramatically in recent times.

At E2 Professional Training and Consulting, we don’t consider the sales training as an event, but an ongoing process to drive excellence in sales skills, knowledge and performance. Our training programs enhances change in behavior and unleashes sales potential. We take a holistic approach to learning that includes:

  • Assessment
  • Intervention with customized tools
  • Solid reinforcement
  • Coaching

With our customized “Enhanced Professional Selling” skills development programs, you will walk away with great insight into how to accomplish meet your business growth targets in less time.

Some of the Key Take-Aways from the programs:
  • Understanding the buying and selling processes
  • Effective Interactive sales meetings with customers
  • Prospecting in today’s internet world
  • Understanding value selling
  • Strategies for winning a complex sales opportunity
  • Negotiate to win
  • Key Account management
  • Business Communications