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Enhance your organization’s potential

At E2 Professional Training and Consulting, we enrich your organization’s Human potential with our extensive HR and sales experience with world’s best practices to grow your business .

Drive Change Management

Change Management is our focus; We have a complete consulting and education system that includes Behavioral assessment, customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that the learning happens over time to drive the change and excel in their performance. 

Grow your business with Enhanced Sales performance

Your sales organization may know there are many opportunities to improve your strike rates and grow sales, but seizing these opportunities and knowing where to focus is a challenge. We’ll analyze your sales organization, uncover your greatest areas for potential improvement, and build a roadmap for sales growth.

Strategies to win complex sales

Complex sales have a unique set of challenges—they have long sales cycles, high Rupee values, the proposals are complex, and there are often multiple decision makers who get involved. We specialize in helping companies that face a complex sale achieve breakthroughs in their sales results